Company XYZ is adding a new floor, floor 5, to the network. Based on this, the current requirements are to make sure the users on floor 5 can communicate with users on other floors. Currently, users on floor 5 cannot communicate with users on other floors. The following is an implementation plan to install a new VLAN for users on floor 5 and to ensure the VLAN is routing to other VLANs.

There are four steps to implementing a new VLAN:

Step 1. Create a new VLAN 500 on the fifth floor switch and on the distribution switches. Name this VLAN.

Step 2. Identify the ports needed for the users and switches. Set the switchport access vlan command to 500 and ensure that the trunk between the distribution switches is properly configured and that VLAN 500 is allowed on the trunk.

Step 3. Create an SVI interface on the distribution switches and ensure that IP addresses are assigned.

Step 4. Verify connectivity.

The troubleshooting plan checks for the following:

Step 1. Verify that all VLANs have been created:

Step 2. Ensure that ports are in the right VLAN and trunking is working as expected:

Step 3. Verify SVI configurations (if necessary):

Step 4. Verify connectivity: